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Официальный партнер Петр Великий

Repertoire / Main Stage / INSPECTOR GENERAL 16+

On the basis of the stage version by Vs. Meyerhold and M. Korenev

Author: N.V. Gogol

Director: Valery Fokin

Valery Fokin, who is rightfully considered one of the best experts in the N.V. Gogol"s creative legacy, addresses "Inspector General" for the third time so far. However, his "Alexandrinsky" project is something very special. It was exactly on this stage that the immortal Gogol"s comedy was presented for the first time on 19 April, 1836, and N.V.Gogol himself took an active part in the staging of that legendary play. Present production is the tenth Alexandrinsky version of "Inspector General". Three archetypes here are naturally in full power. First, images from the old historical premiere, second, reminiscences from the brilliant Vsevolod Meyerhold" production, staged in GOSTIM in 1926, and, certainly, reflections of Petersburg itself - not only that, Gogol"s Petersburg, but also today"s city, which opens to us both by its sublimity and its sarcastic grimaces. Emergence of absurdity from the spirit of regular life - that is the trick, awaiting today many people, who have a false idea that vices and impunity can rule the world. In this very sense a brilliant N.V. Gogol"s comedy can be regarded as a "state" play.



Stage designer and costume designer - Alexandre Borovsky
Composer - Leonid Desyatnikov
Music director - Ivan Blagoder
Choreographer - Sergey Gritsay
Assistant to director - Ludmila Filippova


Khlestakov -  Vitaly Kovalenko, Dmitry Lysenkov 
Governor of a town - Sergey Parshin
Lyapkin-Tyapkin - Viktor Smirnov, Oleg Popkov 
Zemlyanika - Nikolay Marton
Postmaster - Alexandr Polamishev
Khlopov - Igor Volkov
Gibner - Andrey Matukov
Rastakovsky - Evgeny Kapitonov
Lyulyukov - Valentin Zakharov
Bobchinsky -  Vladimir Kolganov. Victor Shuralev 
Dobchinsky - Vladimir Lisetsky
Svistunov - Andrey Kondratiev
Pugovitsyn - Vladislav Ryndin
Ukhovertov - Sergey Elikov 
Osip - Pavel Yurinov
Anna Andreevna - Svetlana Smirnova
Maria Antonovna - Elena Zimina, Yanina Lakoba 
Lyapkina- Tyapkina, wife - Elena Lipets
Zemlyanika, wife - Svetlana Sheychenko
Khlopova, wife - Tamara Kolesnikova
Rastakovskaya, wife - Marina Gavrilova
Matsapur, wife - Elena Gladkova
Matsapur, daughter -  Yulia Sokolova
Servant in the tavern - Valentin Zakharov 
Mishka - Ivan Parshin, Stepan Balakshin, Alexey Frolov
Avdotia -  Yulia Sokolova
Gendarme - Vladislav Ryndin
Accordionist - Igor Mamay

One intermission.
Play Duration - 2 hours 30 minutes.

Premiere took place on 5 October, 2002.


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