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Repertoire / Main Stage / THE SEAGULL 16+


Author(s): After Anton Chekhovs piece

Director: Christian LUPA

Stage adaptation: Krystian LUPA

Scenography: Krystian LUPA

Costumes: Peter SKIBA

Video Installation: Zbignev BZYMEK
Assistant directors: Lukash TVARKOVSKY
Iskander SAKAYEV
Assistant Producer: Lyudmila Filippova

The LHASAs song "J'arrive a la ville" is used in the performance.

This performance is laureate of the Russian National Golden Mask Theater Award and Festival in the nominations The BestPerformance

The name of the outstanding Polish director Christian Lupa is not too well known to the St. Petersburg audience. His worldwide recognized performances are only rare festival guests in Russia. (A few years ago Lupa brought his legendary Kalkwerk after T. Bernhard to the Baltyisky Dom Festival.) Meanwhile, Christian Lupa, who has been working at the Stary Teatr (the Old Theater) in Krakow, is recipient of all prestigious theater awards, creator of more than 30 performances. There is a clear challenge in the fact that Christian Lupa dared to stage The Seagull in its birth nest -- the Alexandrinsky Theater, from the stage of which it began its immortal flight after a disastrous failure on the start. This is a challenge not only to that first unsuccessful performance of 1896, but to the entire history of its following staging. Lupa had chosen for his performance not the canonical MKhat version of the play the one that is published in all collected editions, but the earlier version that had been only once performed -- at the Alexandrinsky Theater -- and which we know only by the directors copy of 1896. Lupa has significantly shortened even this text, leaving the final open. No doubt, this will arouse a lot of arguments and critical notes in the name of the producer. But is this important for the living theater process? Has Lupa ever been scared of leisured reproaches or prattle when implementing his theatric fantasies in the many-hour performance-journeys, filled in with philosophical and existentialist reflections? A Polish producer, a citizen of the world, a planetary philosopher and comedian, he remains the last knight of the Theater in the modern pragmatic world; he conceives the theater as a certain way into the Unforeknowable. With all the seeming simplicity, openness and even childishness, one can clearly feel in him a tough, non-sentimental look on the world and deep, almost magic knowledge of the secrets of human nature, to take a look into which far not everybody is capable of. Lupa has been keeping his diary notes for many years, formulating his thoughts on the theater and life in itself. It is out of these thoughts that theatric manifests and new books appear, including such as The Labyrinth, The Utopia and Its Inhabitants, The Utopia-2, Peeping, A Journey towards Unforeknowable. But all this is only the top of the iceberg under the name of Christian Lupas Theater. We will be hoping that the Alexandrinsky Theaters Seagull will become a bright realization of this theater.


Irina Nikolayevna Arkadina


Marina IGNATOVA, D.A. of Russia (actress of Tovstonogov BDT)

Konstantin Treplev



Petr Nickolayevich Sorin

Semyon SYTNIK, D.A. of Russia

Nina Zarechnaya





Vitaly KOVALENKO D.A. of Russia

Polina Andreyevna





Boris Alekseyevich Trigorin



Igor VOLKOV, D.A. of Russia

Alexander LUSHIN









Stanislav NIKITIN



The performance goes with one intermission. Duration of the performance is 3 hour.

The first night is scheduled for September 15, 2007.

The performance was prepared with the financial support of the Federal Agency on Culture and Cinematography of the Russian Federation


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