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Repertoire / Main Stage / The Fortune 6+

Authors: Andrey Moguchy and Konstantin Filippov
The play interprets some narrative motives of Maurice METERLINKs stories

The performance goes under accompaniment Alexander MANOTSKOV and Wolfgang Amadeus MOZARTs music.

Director: Andrey Moguchy
The performance goes under accompaniment Alexander MANOTSKOV and Wolfgang Amadeus MOZARTs music. Artist: Alexander SHISHKIN
Musical Director and conductor: Anna VISHNYAKOVA
Light designers: Igor FOMIN and Alexander KULESHOV
Animators: Alexandra AGRINSKAYA, Tatyana VOLGINA, Boris KAZAKOV, Kirill MALOVICHKO, Maria SIDOROVA
Video artists: Oleg MIKHAILOV, Konstantin SHCHEPANOVSKY
Property maker: Svetlana KALINOVSKAYA
Stunt coordinator: Nikolay GUSEV
Stunt: Galina GUSEVA
Assistant Director: Polina NEVEDOMSKAYA
Assistant DirectorS: Tatyana TIMOFEEVA, Lana IVANOVA

Director Andrey Moguchy together with Konstantin Filippov created a modern fairy tale after the motives of stories of the Belgian dramatist Maurice Maeterlinck. The famous Maeterlincks theme of a childrens trip to the Kingdom of the Night in a quest for the Blue Bird found its new modern implementation in this Andrey Moguchys performance. This is an attempt to talk to the children with the help of the theater about the basics of the creation, the life and death, the right and wrong, and the true and virtual fortune. In the performance, the world is seen through the eyes of a child: this is a world of childs dreams, fantasies and hopes. Artist Alexander Shishkin created the stage design and costumes in the esthetics of a childs painting, where all the characters as if had been drawn by a childs hand. The action is taking place on New Year eve in a lovely play dough family, where there are Brother Tiltil and Sister Mitil, a Father, a Grandfather, two green Dogs, a red Cat and, of course, a Mother who is pregnant with a new Baby. But suddenly a bird flown into the window destroyed this holiday idyllic scene. The mother felt unwell and was taken to hospital. A neighbor, Freken Light is staying with the children. To save the Mother and the still unborn Baby, Tiltil and Mitil have to undertake a dangerous trip to the Kingdom of Dead and save the Blue Bird from the Queen of the Night. Practically the entire troupe of the theater including musicians is engaged in this performance.

The performance is meant for elementary and secondary school students at the age from 9 to 12. However, it will be interesting for the adult audience as well: the themes touched in the performance are actual at any age.



Yanina Lakoba


Pavel Yurinov


Peoples Artist of Russia, Laureate of the RF State Award
Sergey Parshin



Elena Zimina


Peoples Artist of Russia
Nikolay Marton

Peoples Artist of Russia
Victor Smirnov

Unborn Brother of Mitil and Tiltil

Tikhon Zhiznevsky


Distinguished Artist of Russia
Vitaly Kovalenko
Stepan Balakshin
Andrey Kondratiev


Andrey Shimko
Stepan Balakshin

Frosya the Cat, Servant to the Queen of the Night

Maria Lugovaya

Vasilisa Alexeyeva

Freken Svet, upstairs neighbor

Victoria Vorobieva
Yulia Marchenko

Queen of the Night, her Sister

Victoria Vorobieva
Yulia Marchenko

Time, their Father

Distinguished Artist of Russia
Semyon Sytnik

Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers of Tiltil and Mitil:

Grandmother Sveta

Peoples Artist of Russia
Svetlana Smirnova

Great Grandmother Masha

Distinguished Artist of Russia
Maria Kuznetsova

Great Grandmother Stasya

Tamara Kolesnikova

Great Grandmother Vilya, her Sister

Distinguished Artist of Russia
Irina Lepeshenkova

Great Grandmother Roza Frantsevna

Elena Gladkova

Great Grandmother Maria Ivanovna

Peoples Artist of Russia
Galina Karelina

Fathers Frost:



Distinguished Artist of Russia
Elena Nemzer


Distinguished Artist of Russia
Elena Lipets

Ambulance Doctors

Valentin Zakharov
Andrey Matyukov

Nurses, reanimation, unborn babies, skeletons, bird-headed servants of the Night

Sergey Elikov, Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Valentin Zakharov, Andrey Matykov, Vladimir Kolganov, Ivan Parshin, Sergey Sidorenko, Andrey Marusin

Souls of Forgotten Things:

Distinguished Artist of Ukraine, Laureate of the USSr State Award Evgeny Kapitonov, Iosif Koshelevich,Peoples Artist of Russia Vladimir Lisetsky, Alexey Panichev, Vladislav Ryndin, Victor Semenovsky.

Souls of Musical Instruments :

Anton Popov(violin), Dmitry Zotin (trumpet), Igor Mamai (accordion), Ghivi Sarkisyan (trumpet), Ilya Yurshevich (cello)

The performance goes with two intermissions.

The first night is schedules for March 26, 2011.

This performance was created with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia and the Northwest Bank of Sberbank of Russia.







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