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Repertoire / Smaller stage / YOUR GOGOL 16+

Director: Valery Fokin

A Peoples Artist of Russia, Laureate of Russias State Awards Valery Fokins performance N.V. Gogols texts are used in the performance
Scene design and costumes: Maria TREGUBOVA
Music: Laureate of Russias State Award Alexander BAKSHI
Light designer: Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Damir ISMAGILOV
Musical Director / Assistant Director: Distinguished Artist of Russia, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Ivan Blagoder
Plastics: Igor KACHAYEV
Assistant Director: Lyudmila FILIPPOVA

Gogol is Valery Fokins the favorite author. Through his professional career, the Director produced about two dozen performances after Gogols writings starting with his student work after N. Gogols The Nose which he produced under the roof of the Shchukin School with such outstanding actors as Konstantin Raikin and Yury Bogatyrev and up to his most recent version of The Marriage comedy on the Alexandrinsky Stage. Valery Fokin has been dreaming of an addressing to the very life of the great writer himself; this is exactly what the new performance Your Gogol is dedicated to. It is based on documentary materials, fiction, publicist writings and letters of Nikolay Gogol. It is interesting that the performance is taking place not on the habitual stage, but on so-called loft of the Alexandrinsky Theater: it is a space turned to the theaters backstage with one side and to the sky with the other, while behind the windows there is Petersburg, a city familiar and excruciating, so tightly connected with Gogols characters and the fate of Gogol himself...

Two actors are playing the role of Gogol. Young actor Alexander Polamishev, admitted to the company this season, is playing a young litterateur, full of hopes and life forces who had come to conquer the haughty capital. Distinguished Artist of Russia Igor Volkov is playing the role of the writer in the runoff of his days, painfully rethinking his life journey. The role of Gogol is not an occasional episode in the actors career: besides Gogols characters which the actor had played on the Alexandrinsky Stage (we can name Khlopov in The Inspector General (2002), Mayor Pyotr Feodorovich in The Ivans (2007), Podkolesin in The Marriage (2008), Author in The Marriage (1998)), in 1998, Igor Volkov created a one-man show called The Last Dream of Gogol, where he used pieces from various Gogols writings. This performance was going on the state of the Comediennes Shelter Theater and was honored at the Second International Monocle Festival of One-Man Shows in 1999.

Other actors are also engaged in the performance: Distinguished Artist of Russia Galina Veretelnikova, Olga Kalmykova, Tatyana Knyazeva, Lubov Butyrskaya, Vasily Getmanov, Galina Guk, Alexander Drobitko, Galina Egorova, Peter Kovalev, Nadezhda Korban, Elena Petrova, along with musicians Alexander Kan, Konstantin Kolesnikov, Svyatoslav Chereshnichenko, Alexander Shcherbakov.

Maria Tregubova, one of the most demanded young stage designers, created the stage design and costumes for the performance. She participated in production of such famous performances of Dmitry Krymov Lab as Sir Vantes. Donky Hot, Opus 7, Tararabumbiya, etc. Your Gogol is Maria Tregubovas debut on the Petersburgs stage.

Composer Alexander Bakshi, Valery Fokins customary co-author, wrote music for this performance. He was the author of music to such performances as A Suite at the Hotel of the NN-City (1994), "Trasformation" (1995), "The Karamazovs and Hell" (1996), "Tatyana Repina" (1998), "The Overcoat" (2004), "Konstantin Raikin. A Soiree with Dostoyevsky " (2010), "The Double" (2005), "Ksenia. The History of Love" (2009), "Hamlet" (2010). Musical Director of the performance is Distinguished Artist of Russia Ivan Blagoder. Light Designer is Distinguished Worker of Culture of Russia Damir Ismagilov; Igor Kachayev is Plastics Designer.

In the performance are engaged:

Distinguished Artist of Russia Igor VOLKOV and Alexander POLAMISHEV

Lyubov BUTYRSKAYA, Vasily GETMANOV, Galina GUK, Yury GUK, Alexander DROBITKO, Galina EGOROVA, Pyotr KOVALEV, Nadezhda KORBAN, Elena PETROVA

The Choir:

Distinguished Artist of Russia Galina VERETELNIKOVA, Olga KALMYKOVA, Tatyana KNYAZEVA



The first night: April 14, 2011

Duration of the performance is 1 hour. The performance goes without intermission.

The performance was created with financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia and Northwest Bank of Sberbank of Russia.

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