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13.01.2011 Exhibit Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Vsevolod Meyerholds Performance Don Juan

Opening of an exhibit dedicated to 100 years since the first night of Vsevolod Meyerholds performance Don Juan will take place at the Tsars Lobby of the Alexandrinsky Theater. He created this performance in co-authorship with the outstanding theater artist Alexander Y. Golovin.

Molieres Don Juan was the first performance carried out under the frames of a new repertoire course oriented on production of the world classic theater heritage and the new repertoire policy of the Imperial Theaters Director V.A. Telyakovsky. The best plays of the Russian and international classic repertoire were renewed on the Alexandrinsky Stage produced by young innovator directors: B.E. Meyerhold and Y.E. Azarovsky. Compilation of the theater traditionalism and innovations, according to Telyakovskys idea, was meant to bring the sunk in routine Imperial Theater out onto a new artistic level.

01.12.2010 New items in the theaters museum collections

The collection of the theater museum was enriched with unique items. The Alexandrinsky Charity Foundation acquired the archive of Peoples Artist of Russia Boris Zhukovsky, an outstanding master of the Alexandrinsky stage: an actor, director, and theater pedagogue. Posters of his 1949 jubilee soiree, congratulatory addresses from many Leningrad theaters with autographs of the leading actors and directors, theater programs, newspaper reviews and more than 60 photos from performances and films of the 1920s 1940s. These photos were exhibited at the theaters lobby in 1949; the exposition was dedicated to the stages of the creative career of the actor from his very first roles: Francois (In the Kingdom of Idleness by E. Palieron, 1924), Ukhovertov (The Inspector General by N. Gogol, 1924)

17.11.2010 Moscow tour of the Alexandrinsky Theater

On November 19 27, 2010 the Alexandrinsky Theater tour will take place on the stage of the A. Chekhov MKhAT. This tour is taking place under the frames of a Golden Mask Festivals project The Alexandrinsky Theaters Premieres in Moscow. Valery Fokins Hamlet will be shown on November 19 and 20; on November 24 and 24, Moscow public will see Andrey Moguchys Izotov; the latter performance was honored with the top St. Petersburg theater award the Golden Soffit in four nominations of seven possible: The Best Performance on the Big Stage, The Best Directors Job, The Best Artists Job, The Best Supporting Role. The Moscow show of premieres will be crowned by the November 26 and 27 demonstration of Uncle Vanya directed by Andrey Serban. This year, all three performances were nominated for the Russian National Theater Golden Mask Award.

08.11.2010 Performance "The Tsars"

On November 12, 2010, the First Night of J. Cortázar's performance "The Tsars" ("Los reyes") will take place on the smaller stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater. The performance was produced by young director Eugenia Safonova.
Julio Cortázar wrote his play in 1949. This was an innovative interpretation of a Classical Greek Myth about a maze and a fictitious being Minotaur. This early play of the classic of the Argentinean literature had never been produced. A Classical Greek Myth about Minotaur, a monster with the head of a bull on the body of a man dwelling in an underground labyrinth in the Island of Crete became the starting point for Cortázar. Prince Theseus, who was brought to the Island of Crete along with other young people from Athens chosen for a sacrificial offering to Minotaur, defeated Minotaur and let the captives out from the maze with the help of a thread given to him by Princess Arianna, who had fallen in love with Theseus.

02.11.2010 2010 Laureates of the Golden Soffit Award

Yesterday, November 1, 2020, an Award Ceremony took place on the stage of the Tovstonogov BDT Theater: the top St. Petersburg Theater Golden Soffit Awards were presented by the 2009/2020 season outcomes. The Alexandrinsky Theater received the major part of all awards. Distinguished Artist of Russia Semyon Sytnik was honored in The Best Male Role nomination for the role of Professor Serebryakov in A. Chekhovs Uncle Vanya (Director A. Serban). Peoples Artist of Russia Sergey Parshin received The Best Supporting Role Award for the role of Nikolay in Andrey Moguchys performance Izotov after M. Durnenkovs play. Director Andrey Moguchy was awarded for his performance Izotov in the nomination for The Best Directors Job, while Artist Alexander Shishkin received the Golden Soffit Prize for the stage design and costumes for this performance in The Best Artists Job nomination. Izotov was recognized as the best performance of the season on the major stage.

01.11.2010 Valery Fokins Gogol Stories

With the support of the Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation, a new volume of The Alexandrinsky Theaters Library series has been published. This is A. Chepurovs book Valery Fokins Gogol Stories. The book is dedicated to Valery Fokins performances: creative stage exploration of Gogols writings occupies the central in the directors creative career. In his nearly two dozens of Gogol directions, Valery Fokin has always been looking for and discovering original approaches to stage implementations of Gogols prose, created sharp modern interpretations of his comedies both in the leading Russian theaters (Moscow Sovremennik, St. Petersburg Alexandrinsky Theater) and in cooperation with foreign creative theater companies. The book is addressed to a broad circle of theater lovers along with historians and practitioners of the national stage.

28.10.2010 Valery Fokin Was Awarded with Chekhov Medal
An Award Ceremony took place on the day of the 112th anniversary of the Moscow Khudozhestvenny Theater (MKhAT): on this day, a special medal established by MKhAT in commemoration of A. Chekhovs memory in connection with his 150th birthday was presented. Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theater Valery Fokin became one of the awardees. The Chekhov memorial medal is granted to outstanding cultural figures in recognition of their accomplishments and for their personal contribution in the development of arts.

28.10.2010 A Round Table on Shakespeare: Issues of Interpretation

Yesterday, on October 27, 2010, a Round Table discussion on the topic of Shakespeare: Issues of Interpretation took place at the Alexandrinsky Theater. The recent premiere of Valery Fokins Hamlet was the subject of the discussion. The modern reading of a classical play, one of the most popular plays in the Russian repertoire theater through its entire 250-year history, caused a lot of opinions and discussions among theater historians, critics, and general public. Future theater historians, arts historians, journalists, PR specialists, philologists all students of St. Petersburg universities got together for the discussion. Various issues concerning the Shakespeares text reworked by V. Levanov, directors job of Valery Fokin and evolution of Hamlet as the main character were subjects of the discussion.

25.10.2010 A Convesazione with actors Alexandra Bolshakova and Tikhon Zhiznevsky

On October 23, 2010, a conversazione with actors Alexandra Bolshakova and Tikhon Zhiznevsky took place in the Actors Lobby of the Alexandrinsky Theater after the performance Ksenia. The History of Love. The young actors were admitted in the company relatively recently (Alexandra Bolshakova in 2007 and Tikhon Zhiznevsky in 2009), but they are engaged in most of the performances of the current repertoire where they play not only bit-part, but also major roles. The actors told about the beginning of their careers and rehearsals of the latest production, i.e., The Taming of the Shrew by W. Shakespeare (Director Oskaras Korshunovas). For Tikhon Zhiznevsky, this dialogue with public was the first in his career. The conversazione took place under the frames of the Formation of the Youth Audience and Cultural Theater Media Program. Students from several St. Petersburg universities took part in it.

18.10.2010 Conversazione with Actor Andrey Matyukov

On October 16, 2010, a conversazione with actor Andrey Matyukov took place in the actors lobby of the Alexandrinsky Theater right after the performance of Vampilov. Plays. In this performance, Matyukov is playing the main role - of a luckless hairdresser Nakonechnikov, who had once imagined himself a dramatist. Students of several Petersburg higher schools, familiar with the creative career of this young actor of the Alexandrinsky Theater (his other roles at the theater include Mosquito in The Fly, Artist Petushkov in The Living Corpse, Petrushka, Golyadkins Valet in The Double, Anuchkin in The Marriage, Healer Gibner in The Inspector General, Horace in Hamlet, Extravagant Page in The Taming of the Shrew, and the one-man show Yar.Mo) took part in the conversazione. Andrey Matyukov told them about his rehearsals with various directors Valery Fokin, Theodoros Terzopoulos, Oskaras Korshunovas, Oleg Yeremin, and, of course, Yury Vasiliev, the pedagogue of the Theater Academy, who had directed Yar.Mo after Yaroslav Mogutins flamboyant texts. The actor answered the various questions concerning not only his creative career, but his life as well. The conversazione took place under the frames of the Formation of the Youth Audience and Cultural Theater Media Program.

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