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19.09.2014 Opening of the Eighth Alexandrinsky International Festival 

On September 19, 2014, first night of Valery Fokins Recollections of the Future after Mikhail Lermontovs drama Masquerade and Vsevolod Meyerholds 1917 performance of the same title will give start to the Eighth Alexandrinsky International Festival.  The festival program includes performances of leading theaters of the Great Britain, France, Hungary, and Russia.  Chekhov MKhAT (Moscow), Vivarium Studio (France), the National Theater of Hungary, Shakespeares Globe Theater  will perform on the historical and the new stages of the Alexandrinsky Theater.   The Festival will last till October 26. 

19.09.2014 First Night of the In the Footsteps of Masquerade Film 

On September 19, 2014,the day of the first night of Valery Fokins Recollections of the Future, premiere broadcasting of In the Footsteps of Masquerade film took place on the website of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater. Honored Artist Alexander Chepurov, professor of the history of arts, tells and shows how it happened that St. Petersburg became Golovins co-author, what did Meyerhold see in Pompey, why a director has to go to the archive, and many other things. The film was created by the media team of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater. 

12.09.2014 Creative Jubilee of Elvira P. Smirnova, the Chief Custodian of the Alexandrinsky Theaters Funds 

On September 12, 2014, the Chief Custodian of the Alexandrinsky Theaters Funds Elvira P. Smirnova celebrated her creative jubilee: 45 years of her working at the theater.  Elvira Smirnova could rightly be called not only the Chief Custodian of the funds, but the true guardian of the historical heritage of the Alexandrinsky Theater.  She first came to the Pushkin Theater in 1962; she served as property master and studied at the evening department of the School of Theater History, LGITMiK.  Later on, already a certified theater historian, she worked as deputy director of the literature department, and after that as senior researcher at the Theater Archives taking active part in the creative theater life and studying its historical past and materials of the old performances.   She happened to work with such distinguished masters of the Pushkin Theater as Leonid Vivien, Nickolay Simonov, Nickolay Cherkasov, Yury Tolubeyev, Vasily Merkuriev, Alexander Borisov, Bruno Freindlikh  She was a witness of creation of the performances which later on became a part of the golden fund of the soviet theater.  A professional of the highest level, Elvira Smirnova had decorated numerous jubilee exhibits dedicated to theaters actors and directors creative careers; she took part in steering and holding academic conferences which the theater had organized together with the Academy of Theater Arts and the Russian Institute of the History of Arts; she had prepared quite a lot of reference documents and materials used by theater researchers.   For many years in a row, Elvira Smirnova has been leading tours of the Alexandrinsky Theater.  Her talented and exciting stories about the history of construction of the most theatrical of Rossis building, about formation of the artistic company, about the scene elders, repertoire, and the public of the former Alexandrinsky Theater submerge listeners into the amazing theater world. 

11.09.2014 Jubilee of the Alexandrinsky Theater Actor Vadim Nikitin

 On September 11, 2014, Actor of the Alexandrinsky Theater  Vadim V. Nikitin will turn 70. In 1974, Vadim Nikitin was admitted to the company of the Leningrad State Academy Pushkin Theater.  In the first years, he had played numerous bit part and several major roles.  Those included: Radnevsky (The Rush Hours by J. Stavinsky, 1974); Kuku (Chichikovs Adventures after N. Gogol, 1974); Visitor (The Flood by Y. Berger, 1974); Conrad (Much Ado About Nothing by W. Shakespeare, 1975); Alexander Gratsiansky (Invitation to the Life by L. Leonov, 1976); Kuzma (Fairy Tales of the Old Arbat by A. Arbuzov, 1975); Green Bird (The Green Bird by C. Gozzi, 1976), etc.  In the diverse roles Vadim Nikitin created holistic and memorable images. The theater had actively exploited the great actors looks: Nikitin had played on the Alexandrinsky stage various roles requiring the excellent military bearing and fashionable veneer.  These included:  Captain, Landlord, and General (Captains Daughter by A. S. Pushkin,  1984); Bedryaga, Alexander I, General Kinovnitsin, and Marshall Ney (Fieldmarshal Kutuzov by V. Soloviev, 1985); De Valver (Cyrano de Bergerac by E. Rostand, 1987); Officer (Monsieur George. A Russian Drama after M.Lermontov, 1994);  Dion (The Winter's Tale by W. Shakespeare, 1995); Nickolay I (A Pair of Chestnuts by A. Belinsky, 2000); Lord Windermeer (Lady Windermere's Fan by O. Wild, 2001), etc. However, actors talent had fully revealed itself in the various character roles, demanding bright plastic and vocal characteristics. In the years of his work at the Alexandrinsky Theater, Vadim Nikitin played over 80 roles. The actor had a long and fruitful career in the radio, and in the 1990s, the actor was one of the hosts of the popular television program Telecourier.

11.09.2014 The Alexandrinsky Theater Participates in The Hero of Our Days Exhibit. 

On September 11, 2014, at 17:00, The Hero of Our Days Exhibit will open at the Konyushenny Building of the Yelagin Island Palace; it is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Y. Lermontovs birthday.   The Alexandrinsky Theater provided unique items from its museum funds for this broad-scale city museum project; these included nine original costumes from Vsevolod Meyerholds 1917 Masquerade, created after Alexander Y. Golovins sketches.  The exhibit will show ball gowns of the dancing young ladies from the eighth scene; the masquerade costume of Baroness Schtral, and four masks from the second scene (Olette, Flower Girl, Norma, and Golden Mask).   Another Golovins costume, Alexander Radins  frock coat  from Meyerholds performance The Two Brothers (1915), will reappear to public nearly a century after.  Also, the theater will show properties and military uniforms from B. Lavrenevs Lermontov (1953) produced by Boris M. Dmokhovsky: the hussars pelisse of the Lermontovs costume (Actor Anatoly Dubensky played the role of Lermontov); Cherkessk coat from the Martynov costume   (Actor Bruno Freindlikh played the role).  The exposition will be complemented with photos and sketches for Lermontovs performances.  Special screens will be showing non-stop video records of Lermontovs performances.  Public will be also able to hear M. Lermontovs lyrics recited by Peoples Artist of Russia Nickolay Marton from the new audio disk Lermontov.  Selected Lyrics released on the eve of the 80th birthday of the actor.  The Pushkin House, M.Y. Lermontov Library, St. Petersburg State Museum of theater and Musical Arts, Mariinsky Theater, G.A. Tovstonogov Big Drama Theater, and many other institutions are also taking part in the project. The exhibit will proceed till December 21, 2014.

10.09.2014 Jubilee of Peoples Artist of Russia Nickolay Marton

On September 10, 2014, Peoples Artist of Russia Nickolay Marton will turn 80.  More than 50 years of his life he dedicated to the Alexandrinsky Stage: Leonid Viviyen invited him to the Alexandrinsky Theater yet in 1962.  He had played here more than 90 roles. Dramatic meaningful looks, perfect voice and special elegance of gests inherent to the actor, had always been on demand, in the classic repertoire first of all. In his very early seasons, he had played the part of Albert in Miserly Knight (The Little Tragedies by A.S. Pushkin, 1963) and Fabiano Fabiani (Marie Tudor, Victor Hugo, 1964). Creative scale of the actor proved to be a lot broader, which allowed Nickolay Marton to play many very diverse roles.  The role of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in the performance after L. Malugin`s play The Life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1966) brought a true recognition to Nickolay Marton. Nikolai Marton`s repertoire has many very diverse and distinct characters.  He remains the most highly demanded actor of the senior generation.  He is engaged in practically all performances of the current repertoire of the Alexandrinsky Theater; he also actively cooperates with the St. Petersburg radio and films in the cinema.   On the Alexandrinsky stage he plays: Zemlyanika (The Inspector-General by N.V.Gogol, 2002, Director Valery Fokin); Prince Abrezkov (The Living Corpse by L. Tolstoy, 2006, Director Valery Fokin), Death (Ksenia. The History of Love  by V. Levanov, 2009, Director Valery Fokin), Angel Magician (Izotov by M. Durnenkov, 2009, Director Andrey Moguchy); Grandfather (The Fortune by A. Moguchy and K. Filippov,  2011, Director Andrey Moguchy); he also plays a one-man show Monologues which put together ten monologues of the most famous characters from classic compositions of the world literature (2012, Director Polina Nevedomskaya).  In 2013, Nikolai Marton took part in the Nevsky Avenue. City Sketches Project, and in 2014, he played the role of Nagg in Theodoros Terzopoulosa performance Endgame (S. Beckett).  In 2006, Nikolai Marton was awarded with the ORDER OF HONOR (Verdict of the President of the Russian Federation #392 as of April 17, 2006), and in 2009, Nikolay Marton received a special prize of the Nominating Council of the Golden Soffit, the top St. Petersburg Theater Award for his Creative Longevity and the Unique Contribution into the Theater Culture of St. Petersburg. 

08.09.2014 Cancellation of the Tour of the Polish Teatr Narodowy 

Dear theater goers! The Eighth Alexandrinsky International Festival informs you about cancellation of the tour of the Teatr Narodowy (Poland) for the reasons not related with creative process. The Yan Englert performance The Labor of Life scheduled for September 27 and 28, 2014 is cancelled. Titles of the current repertoire performances scheduled to replace it will be additionally announced. Tickets may be reimbursed or exchanged at the theater ticket office. We apologize for the inconveniences.

04.09.2014 Jubilee of Peoples Artist of Russia Nina N. Urgant

On September 4, 2014, Peoples Artist of Russia, Laureate of the USSR State Award Nina N. Urgant will celebrate her jubilee.  For many years, Nina Urgant had remained one of the most popular actresses of the Russian cinema and theater; since 1962, Nina Urgant has been serving on the Alexandrinsky stage.  After graduation from the Leningrad State Theater Institute named after A. Ostrovsky in 1953, she had played in the Yaroslavl Academy Drama Theater named after F. Volkov, and then at the Leningrad Leninsky Komsomol Theater, where she had established her line of lyric characters.  Being admitted to the company of the Leningrad State Academy Pushkin Theater (Alexandrinsky), the talented actress had immediately got the leading positions in it.  Already in 1963, she played the role of Inken Peters in the legendary H. Hauptmans performance Before the Sunset, where she made a worthy partner to Nikolay Simonov. In the 1960s -1970s, roles of modern heroines made a big part of Nina Urgants repertoire; their characters were impressive and memorable.  In 1972, Nina Urgant played the role of her favorite Chekhovs character Lyubov Ranevskaya.  In the long years of working on the academy Alexandrinsky stage, the actress has created a whole gallery of bright female roles both in classic and modern repertoire.  Her characters presented diverse female types: from clearly comedian to deeply lyric characters.  Nina Urgant has played numerous roles in the cinema and television.  The actress got outstanding recognition and great success after the feature film The Belorussian Train Station, in which Nina Urgant played the role of a military nurse Raya. In 2006, Nina Urgant was recognized with a high state award: she was awarded with the third degree order For Distinguished Service to the Motherland.  In 2013, the actress was awarded with the Russian National Theater Award The Golden Mask in the the Neva Mouth For the Outstanding Input in the Development of Theater Arts.  

04.09.2014 Video record of the Ksenia. The History of Love performance became available for viewership in the network.
On September 4, 2014, Video record of Valery Fokins performance Ksenia. The History of Love performed on June 24 and 25 in the Vologda Kremlin under the frames of the International Theater Festival Voices of History is presently available online at the website of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater.

29.08.2014 Opening of the 259th Season of the Alexandrinsky Theater 

On August 30, 2014, traditional events dedicated to the opening of the new 259th season took place at the Alexandrinsky Theater. The day started at 10:00 with an official ceremony of laying wreaths of white roses on the graves of two Empresses: Empress Elizabeth and Empress Alexandra (in the honor of which the historical stage had been named) in the cathedral of the Peter and Paul Fortress.  Later on, at 11:00, the company got together in the building of the Alexandrinsky Theater, and after it, an official press-conference took place at the tsars Lobby at 13:00; Artistic Director of the theater Valery Fokin announced the creative plans of the theater for the upcoming season.  The program of the major forum of national stages of Europe, the Eighth Alexandrinsky International Festival, was also announced at the press-conference and a cooperation agreement between the Alexandrinsky Theater, Academy of Arts (Academy Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture), and the specification Theater Academy signed.  

Video of the press-conference: Opening of the 259th Season of the Alexandrinsky Theater
The 259th season of the Alexandrinsky Theater will start for public on September 19 with the premiere of Valery Fokins  Recollections of the Future  after M. Lermontpvs drama Masquerade  and the legendary Vsevolod Meyerholds 1917 performance of the same title.

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