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09.03.2013 Laureates of the Figaro Award

Yesterday, on March 8, 2013, the Award Ceremony for the Russian National Figaro Actor Award took place at the Russian Enterprise Theater named after Andrey Mironov. The list of laureates-2013 included names of Valery Fokin (in the nomination For servicing the Russian repertory theater) and Peoples Artist of Russia Nina Urgant (in the nomination For the wonderful life-long instant of time). The Figaro award was established in 2010 by initiative of the director of the Russian Enterprise Rudolf Furmanov; it is awarded for outstanding achievements in the sphere of dramatic art and it also supports young talents.

11.02.2013 Exhibit The Holiday of the Theater. A.Y. Golovin. To the 150th Birthday

The Holiday of the Theater. A.Y. Golovin. To the 150th Birthday exhibit opened today at the St. Petersburg Theater Library (#6 Ostrovsky Sq.); it is timed with the jubilee of one of the most outstanding artists of the Russian theater Alexander Yakovlevich Golovin.

10.02.2013 Is Dostoyevsky a Classic Writer or Our Contemporary?

On February 8, 2013, the first in this year round table dedicated to the topic Is Dostoyevsky a Classic Writer or Our Contemporary? took place at the conference hall of the Alexandrinsky Theater Directorate. On its eve, round table participants watched Valery Fokins performance The Double. The circle of topics touched in the discussion included issues of modern publics perception of performances created after Russian classic writings; about the true reading of the classics, and about teaching literature at modern schools.

01.02.2013 Creative soiree of young poets

On February 4, 2013, a creative soiree of young St. Petersburg poets dedicated to the future Nevsky Avenue performancewill take place at the Actors Lobby of the Alexandrinsky Theater at 7 p.m. Through the last several months, a Nevsky Avenue Group had functioned in VContakte social network where anybody interested could contribute to creation of the new performance through submitting his/her observations, impressions, stories true and imaginary, and having placed video clips and photos somehow related with the main city thoroughfare. The poetry brethren You Go, Go, and HOP! organized its own contest of lyrics and prose called You Go, Go, and - Nevsky Avenue. Outcomes of the project will be resumed on February 4.

31.01.2013 Introduction to The Fortune performance

On February 3, 2013, the main characters of The Fortune performance: Boy Tiltil and Girl Mitil, will get a new Father. Actor Andrey Shimko will play this role for the first time. Earlier, he had been brilliantly playing the role of Bobik, the Green Dog composing funny and witty rhymes. This forced introduction is taking place for a good reason. Peoples Artist of Russia Sergey I. Parshin, who had been playing Father, these days is finalizing production of a debut performance: together with Peoples Artist of Russia Sergey Migitsko they with play in a tragic comedy A Few Flights of Stairs Up, a non-repertory project of the playwright and director Rodion Ovchinnikov.

31.01.2013 Nina Urgants Creative Jubilee

On February 1, 2013, Peoples Artist of Russia Nina N. Urgant will celebrate her creative jubilee: 50 years of service on the Alexandrinsky Stage. Nina Urgant was invited to the A. Pushkin Drama Theater for the role of Inken Peters in the performance Before the Sunset by G. Hauptmann (Director A.A. Muzil, 1963). Quite a few critical articles were written about the great duo of Nickolay Simonov, who played the role of Mathias Klausen, and Nina Urgant. Nina Urgants Inken was a nice, naïve and, as it seemed, fragile and vulnerable person revealing surprising internal force and courage, magnitude and capability to withstand the cruelty of the surrounding world.

30.01.2013 New Acquisitions in the Russian Drama Museum Collection

The Alexandrinsky Theater Archives and the fund of the Theater Russian Drama Museum were enriched with unique documents from the family archive of the heirs of Yury E. Ozarovsky (1869 1924), actor and director of the Alexandrinsky Theater. For many years, these documents had been carefully enchased in the family of Yury Ozarovskys son, a naval officer and commander of a battle-boat division defending the city of Leningrad in siege during the WWII period.

18.01.2013 Preparation to the opening of the new stage

Director Andrey Moguchy and the company of the Alexandrinsky Theater started preparations for the event timed with the opening of the New Stage Theater Complex. Equipped at the state of the art technical level, the stage will start operations on May 15, 2013, with Andrey Moguchys laboratory performance PRE-STUPLENIE (MIS-DEED) based on F. Dostoyevskys novel Crime and Punishment. Master classes on stage design, video art, sound design, and theater light will be carried out in the new building; besides this, there will come to pass lectures and presentations of leading theater figures from Russia, European countries and the U.S.

15.01.2013 Tour of the Alexandrinsky Theater in Dusseldorf

On January 25 and 26, 2013, the Alexandrinsky Theater performance Hamlet directed by Valery Fokin will be performed on the stage of the Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus Theater.

The tour performances are included in the Program of the New European Theater Festival: it introduces Russian performances to German public under the frames of the international project A Year of Russia in Germany (2012-2013). Public in several European capital cities has already applauded to Valery Fokins Hamlet: it was successfully performed on the stages of the Vienna Burg Theater, Prague National Theater and in Riga.

14.01.2013 Start of rehearsals of the Nevsky Avenue performance.

The Alexandrinsky Theater Company started a new experimental Nevsky Avenue theater project. Several directors and dramatists will be taking part in it. Along with Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theater Valery Fokin, young guest directors will be engaged in the project: Alexander Artyomov, Dmitry Yegorov, Alexey Zabegin, Dmitry Yushkov, as well as young dramatist Vladimir Antipov and prominent theater artist Semon Pastukh.

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