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22.02.2011 Master Class with Valery Fokin

On February 24 and 25, 2011, a master class with Valery Fokin will take place at 3 PM at the Tsars Lobby of the theater. The master class will be dedicated to the principles of creation of a modern performance and entitled Traditions of the mastery of stage productions and modern performances. The Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theater, Peoples Artist of Russia Valery Fokin will tell about the landmarks and principles of directors job and about the basics of a performance composition. The master class is addressed not only to the future professional directors, actors, theater historians, but also to a broad circle of young people interested in modern theater.

22.02.2011 Conversazione with actor Dmitriy Lysenkov

On February 20, 2011, after the Ksenia. The History of Love performance, a conversazione with Dmitriy Lysenkov took place at the Actors Lobby of the theater. Presently, Dmitriy Lysenkov could be easily named the leading young actor of the theater. Recently, the actor was honored with the St. Petersburg Breakthrough theater award. On the Alexandrinsky stage, he plays Hamlet and Khlestakov; Petruchio from The taming of the Shrew and Kochkarev from N. Gogols The Marriage; he also plays Galy Gay in B. Brechts Man Equals Man and Waffle in A. Chekhovs Uncle Vanya. The actor considers the role of Golyadkin Junior in the performance after F. Dostoyevskys Petersburg poem by The Double his favorite. In the performance Ksenia. The History of Love, the actor plays a bit part role of Andrey Fedorovich, Ksenias husband, who had passed away without confession.

17.02.2011 Life of a Performance Round Table

On February 17, 2011, a student round table dedicated to The Life of a Performance took place at the Alexandrinsky Theater. Under the round table umbrella, existence of a performance was discussed: its imminent transformation with the time, the possibility of the stage text fixing and particular aspects of publics comprehension. Students of St. Petersburg schools of higher education took part in the discussion: the St. Petersburg Theater Academy, Department of History of Arts; the Kyiv Theater University, the Academy of Arts and the Polytechnic University. This meeting took place under the frames of the Formation of the Youth Audience and Cultural Theater Media Program.

17.02.2011 Conversazione with actor Stepan Balakshin

On February 15, 2011, after The Tsars performance, a conversazione with Stepan Balakshin, who plays the role of Thesey, took place at the Actors Lobby of the theater. This meeting was organized under the frames of the Formation of Youth Audience and Cultural Theater Media Program; students of St. Petersburg schools of higher education took part in it; among others, these included: St. Petersburg State University, the University of Cinema and Television, the Theater Academy, the Polytechnic University, the University of Finance and Economy, and the Academy of the State Service.

11.02.2011 A Meyerhold Day at the Alexandrinsky

Yesterday, on February 10, 2011, a memorial day of Vs. E. Meyerhold, an outstanding theater director, took place at the Alexandrinsky Theater. At 3 PM, presentation of an exhibit, dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the first night of the legendary Meyerholds performance Don Juan took place at the Tsars Lobby of the Alexandrinsky Theater. Costumes of Molieres characters crafted after A.Y. Golovins sketches are presented at the exhibit: Don Luis, father of Don Juan; Don Juans Second Servant; Prompter; Shady Person; Mathurine, peasant girl seduced by Don Juan. In a separate case, one of Sganarelles outfits is presented; it came to us significantly retailored: a luxurious dressing gown, once covering the statue figure of K.A. Varlamov, was changed into a boyar caftan for the 1945 performance The Great Tsar. Next to each costume, there is a photo of a performer in this costume. One can see photos, programs, and posters for Don Juan of the years 1910, 1918 and 1932 on the information boards.

03.02.2011 Laureates of the Breakthrough Theater Award - 2011

Yesterday, on February 2, 2011, the award ceremony for the Breakthrough Youth Theater Award took place at the St. Petersburg Youth Theater in the Fontanka. This award was established by the St. Petersburg Committee on Culture, the Comediennes Shelter Theater, and Theater Critics Zhanna Zaretskaya and Andrey Pronin. Actress of the Alexandrinsky Theater Yulia Marchenko got the Prize for the Best Major Female Role; she played the role of Liza in Andrey Moguchys performance Izotov. Dmitry Lysenkov, who had played on the Alexandrinsky Stage the major roles in Hamlet and the new version of The Inspector General,was honored with a special prize on behalf of the MTS Company, the sponsor of the Award.

18.01.2011 Dmitry Lysenkov named the best actor of 2010

The St. Petersburg Committee on Culture has carried out the second survey among theater critics, directors, and non-professional theater-goers. Dmitry Lysenkov, actor of the Alexandrinsky Theater, had a strong lead for the roles he played in 2010: Hamlet (W. Shakespeares Hamlet, Director Valery Fokin), Khlestakov (new version of N. Gogols The Inspector General, Director Valery Fokin) and Petruchio (W. Shakespeares The Taming of the Shrew, Director Oskaras Korshunovas).

14.01.2011 The Rules of the Game Exhibit

A gallery of photo portraits of the II St. Petersburg Breakthrough Theater Award nominees will be opened on January 15, 2011 at 3 p.m. in the Green Room space of the ETAGHI Loft-Project (#74 Ligovsky Ave.). This theater award was established for young performers; works of two young Petersburg photo artists Natalya Keller and Darya Pichugina - will be presented at the exposition entitled The Rules of the Game. The portraits show the Breakthrough-2010 nominees in impromptu perspectives. We see the brightest young theater individuals of St. Petersburg, the most talented, interesting and promising ones. What do they look like when not performing, not at a rehearsal, not in the make-up room, and not on the stage just outside of the theater? What do they do before and after their working hours? What characters do they have? Do they ever take their masks off? Or is their entire life just a play-acting, while the entire world as in Shakespeare is theater? St. Petersburg also does offer its own rules of the game.

13.01.2011 Exhibit Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Vsevolod Meyerholds Performance Don Juan

Opening of an exhibit dedicated to 100 years since the first night of Vsevolod Meyerholds performance Don Juan will take place at the Tsars Lobby of the Alexandrinsky Theater. He created this performance in co-authorship with the outstanding theater artist Alexander Y. Golovin.

Molieres Don Juan was the first performance carried out under the frames of a new repertoire course oriented on production of the world classic theater heritage and the new repertoire policy of the Imperial Theaters Director V.A. Telyakovsky. The best plays of the Russian and international classic repertoire were renewed on the Alexandrinsky Stage produced by young innovator directors: B.E. Meyerhold and Y.E. Azarovsky. Compilation of the theater traditionalism and innovations, according to Telyakovskys idea, was meant to bring the sunk in routine Imperial Theater out onto a new artistic level.

01.12.2010 New items in the theaters museum collections

The collection of the theater museum was enriched with unique items. The Alexandrinsky Charity Foundation acquired the archive of Peoples Artist of Russia Boris Zhukovsky, an outstanding master of the Alexandrinsky stage: an actor, director, and theater pedagogue. Posters of his 1949 jubilee soiree, congratulatory addresses from many Leningrad theaters with autographs of the leading actors and directors, theater programs, newspaper reviews and more than 60 photos from performances and films of the 1920s 1940s. These photos were exhibited at the theaters lobby in 1949; the exposition was dedicated to the stages of the creative career of the actor from his very first roles: Francois (In the Kingdom of Idleness by E. Palieron, 1924), Ukhovertov (The Inspector General by N. Gogol, 1924)

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