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27.06.2012 The Alexandrinsky Theater will implement the up-to-date IT developments

On June 25, 2012, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg National Research Institute of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (NIU ITMO) and the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts. Under the frames of this agreement, the parties are planning to develop and implement communication technologies in the sphere of culture, theater arts, science and education; implement mutual educational programs; create original content in the sphere of culture and theater arts. Participation of ITMO in establishing and operation of the media and educational centers of the Alexandrinsky Theater scheduled for opening in May 2013 will be the leading element of cooperation at the first stage. The developments we offer will be approbated on the new theaters stage and used further on by directors for creation of original technologies of interaction with public, NIU ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasiliev commented. At the first stage, no doubt, these are IT, light and vocal technologies.

21.06.2012 Performance Izotov at the Perm Theater Festival.
On June 22, 2012, V. Durnenkovs performance Izotov will be shown in Perm at the theater festival of the best Russian performances, laureates of the GOLDEN MASK Award of the recent seasons. It will be reminded that creators of the performance Izotov were awarded with the Golden Mask in two nominations in 2010: The Best Directors Job (Andrey Moguchy) and The Best Artists Job (Alexander Shishkin); they also became recipients of the top St. Petersburg Golden Soffit theater award for the best performance, best production and best set design. The Theater-Theater will provide the stage for Izotov in Perm.

21.06.2012 "The Marriage:" 100th performance. Closing of the 265th season.

On June 29, 2012, the Alexandrinsky Theater will close its 256th theater season. The 100th showing of N. Gogols The Marriage (Director Valery Fokin) will become the final accord of the season. The performance, produced in 2008, became one of the most demanded performances of the St. Petersburg stage. It was honored with the Russian national Golden Mask theater award in the nominations The Best Directors Job and The Best Artists Job; it has also been on tours in many Russian cities and European countries.

16.05.2012 The Boyarskies Actor Dynasty Exhibit

On May 17, 2012, an exhibit dedicated to the Boyarskies actor family will open at the Samoylovs Family Apartment Museum (Stremyannaya Str. 8). Presently, the broad audience knows Mikhail and Elizabeth Boyarsky in the first place. However, people of older generations remember the brilliant theater jobs of Nickolay Boyarsky and his spouse Lidia Shtykan, the leading actress of the Pushkin Academy Drama Theater. Lidia Shtykans son Oleg Shtykan and Mikhail Boyarskys senior brother Alexander both also played on the stage of the Pushkin Drama Theater in the middle of the 1960s. Alexander Boyarsky tragically died during the theater tour in Bulgaria in 1980.

27.04.2012 Nikolay Martons one-man-show: Monologues in the Tsars Lobby.

On April 29, 2012, the first showing for public of Nikolay Martons one-man-show: Monologues in the Tsars Lobby will take place at 3 pm. Nikolay Marton is the leading actor of the senior generation of the Alexandrinsky Theater actors. The performance still is in the state of creation and so far it has a working name of Monologues in the Tsars Lobby.

25.04.2012 Performance The Fortune became laureate of the Russian National Harlequin Festival.

On April 24, 2012, the Ninth All-Russia Festival of Theater Arts for Children concluded its work. The Festival was taking place under the frames of the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture Program of State and Public Support of Theaters for Children and Teenagers under patronage of the President of Russia. The Festival Program included ten contest and eight out-of-contest performances, as well as a special program. In the evening of April 24, a theatricalized Award Ceremony took place at the State Musical Zazerkalye Theater for Children. In the course of the ceremony, Andrey Moguchys performance The Fortune was awarded with the Russian national Harlequin Theater Prize in four nominations: The Best Performance; The Best Female Role Yanina Lakoba for the role of Mitil; The Best Artistic Composition of the Performance Artist Alexander Shishkin; and The Best Composers Job - Alexander Manotskov.

05.04.2012 The First English Language Festival of School Performances

The First Globe Okhta Festival of school performances in the English language took place on April 5 and 6, 2012. The Festival was organized by the Information and Methodology Center of the Krasnogvardeisky District, School #531, and the Globe Creative Association. Teams from 22 schools took part in the festival. School children of junior grades competed on the first day. The Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation provided awards for them: each participant received two theater tickets to see Happiness and a puzzle.

02.04.2012 HAPPINESS Will be Shown at the Golden Mask Festival

On April 7, 2012, A. Moguchy and K. Filippovs performance HAPPINESS will be shown in Moscow under the frames of the Russian National Golden Mask Theater Festival. This performance was put forward in four nominations: The Best Big Form Drama Performance; The Best Directors Job (Director Andrey Moguchy); The Best Female Role (Yanina Lakoba for the role of Mitil); and The Best Artists Job (Alexander Shishkin). The presentations will take place on the stage of Chekhov MKhT at 1 PM and 5 PM. On the eve, on April 6, a press-conference dedicated to The New Creative Program of the Alexandrinsky Theater will take place at 5 PM at Chekhov MKhT.

26.03.2012 Andrey Moguchy to Produce The Trial by F. Kafka

Today, on the eve of the International Theater Day, Andrey Moguchy started rehearsing of a new performance on the stage of the Schauspielhaus Theater (Dusseldorf, Germany): he is going to produce F. Kafkas Trial here. The performance will have no traditional adaptation translating the novels text into a dramatic form. As was the case with The Ivans after N. Gogols writings, The Trial will become a peculiar trip into the space of the unique prose of the author, the Kafkas heroes world. The Director puts quite a task for himself: to communicate not the letter but the spirit of a prose composition and express the world of Kafkas images by the specific theater language: translate the stylistics of his whimsical prose into the stage language.

25.03.2012 Valery Fokin at the Head of the Theater Directors Guild

Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theater Valery Fokin was elected Chair of the Theater Directors Guild of Russia. Interview with Valery Fokin was published in the blog of The St. Petersburg Theater Magazine. Fokin answered questions of the magazines Chief Editor Marina Dmitrevskaya. In the interview, entitled On the Necessity to Resurrect the Directors Guild, he spoke in details about the goals and objectives of the Guild, its program of assistance to young directors, conditions of joining the Guild, and perspectives of the modern theater development. Well known theater directors Yury Butusov, Sergey Zhenovach, Yevgeny Kamenkovich, Boris Mandzhiyev, Yevgeny Marchelly became members of the Guild, while Andrey Moguchy became a Consultant of the Guilds Board.

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