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03.10.2013 A Theater and Public Today student round table

On October 2, 2013, the first round table of the new season took place in the building of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater; it was dedicated to the topic of the Theater and Public Today.

Students, future psychologists, culture analysts, arts historians from PSTU (St. Petersburg State Transport University), RSPU (Russian State Pedagogical Hertzen University), SPbSAU (St. Petersburg State Agricultural University) SPbSUCA (St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts), SPbHTUU (St. Petersburg Humanitarian Trade Union University) talked about the following issues: what do we mean when we say theater; is there any reason to go see modern productions; how important is the intellectual level of a viewer for perceiving a performance; are the price of a ticket, behavioral culture, and the general atmosphere in the auditorium important for perception of a performance.

03.10.2013 The 13th International Baltiisky Dom Theater Festival

From October 4 to November 20, the 13th International Baltiisky Dom Theater Festival will be taking place in St. Petersburg. Two performances of the Alexandrinsky Theater will be included in the festival program: The ZERO Liturgy after Fyodor Dostoyevskys novel in Valery Fokins production will be presented on October 10, and the Nevsky Avenue. City Etudes Theater Project will be shown on October 18 and 19. Tickets are available at the ticket booths of the Alexandrinsky Theater and city ticket offices.

27.09.2013 Performances of the ON. THEATER Laboratory on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater
The Alexandrinsky Theater and the ON. THEATER Laboratory signed a cooperation contract, under the frames of which the ON. THEATER, which had lost its own stage site in 18 Zhukovsky Str. in the result of a court verdict, will get an opportunity to perform on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater (49A Fontanka River Embankment). In October, November, and December public will see new premieres and well-known repertoire performances of the Laboratory. One can buy tickets for the ON. THEATER Laboratorys performances at the ticket booths of the Alexandrinsky Theater and the city theater booths; tickets are also available on-line at the Laboratorys websitewww.onteatr.ru. Please call 929-66-92, 401-53-41, and 312-15-45 for additional information.

24.09.2013 Nominees of the Top St. Petersburg Theater Award The Golden Soffit

The Expert Council of the 19th Top St. Petersburg Theater Award The Golden Soffit released the short list of nominees by the outcomes of the 2012/2013 season. The nominee list looks as following: Peoples Artist of Russia Era Ziganshina in the nomination for The Best Female Role for the role of Grand Mother in the performance The ZERO Liturgy after Fyodor Dostoyevskys novel The Gambler (Director Valery Fokin); performance A Dream of a Funny Man after Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Director Irina Keruchenko) in the nomination for The Best Performance on the Small Stage; Maria Utrobina was nominated in the nomination for The Best Artists Job for the stage design of the performance A Dream of a Funny Man. Young actor Ivan Yefremov was nominated in The Best Debut for the role of Funny Man.

24.09.2013 Actor Alexander Markov passed away

On September 23, 2013, Actor Alexander V. Markov had suddenly died at the age of 60. Alexander Markov had served at the Pushkin Drama Theater in 1977-1981 and 1987-1990; he had been playing small and bit-part roles, but also had several major roles. Altogether, he participated in more than 20 performances. The list of his roles included: Poet (Fairness Is My Job); Lieutenant Mishchenko (The Non-Weeping Willow); Borkin (Ivanov); Pavel Sergeyevich Chervakov (Untilovsk), Cameraman (Is There Love at All? Firemen Asked); Lagunov (The Extreme Penalty); Maxim Vologzhin (Live and Remember); Akim (The Power of Darkness); Yegor, Partisan Countryman (Field Marshall Kutuzov); George (Same Time Next Year); Cyrano de Bergerac (Cyrano de Bergerac), King (The First Ball of Cinderella); Pluzhnikov (The Leaders); Ignat Kolchin (A Night in a Compartment). We will provide additional information on the time and place of the funeral.

23.09.2013 The St. Petersburg Photo Fair on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater

On October 4-6, 2013, an international festival/exhibit The St. Petersburg Photo Fair will be taking place on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater (49 A Fontanka Embankment). Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theater Valery Fokin will take part in the official opening of the Photo Fair. Professional and amateur photographers from Russia and NIS countries will get together on the ultra modern New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater to discuss new trends in the photo market, share their best practices, and also start new professional contacts. On-line translation will be taking place for those who will not be able to attend the photo forum in person. Innovative technologies at the exhibit of this year will let all photographers experience photo reality and its virtual capacities. Besides direct Internet translations of master classes and presentations of photo novelties, the actual festival program is composed of two parts: the real and multimedia ones.

23.09.2013 The Alexandrinsky Theater will transfer funds for helping the Far East District.

On September 29, the Uncle Vanya by A. Chekhov will be presented on the major stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater (Director Andrey Shcherban). The theater will transfer all the take for the performance to colleagues living and working at the regions affected by the lengthy flood in the Far East Federal District. The Uncle Vanya performance was the first production of Andrey Shcherban, a prominent American director of Romanian origin, on the Russian stage. The first night took place in 2009. The leading actors of the Alexandrinsky Theater are engaged in the performance: Peoples Artists of Russia Sergey Parshin and Svetlana Smirnova; Distinguished Artists of Russia Maria Kuznetsova, Igor Volkov, and Semyon Sytnik; actors Yulia Marchenko, Yanina Lakoba, Dmitry Lysenkov, Alexey Panichev, Pavel Yurinov, and Andrey Kondratyev. Distinguished Artist of Russia Semyon Sytnik was awarded in 2010 with The Golden Soffit, the top St. Petersburg Theater Award, in the nomination For the Best Male Role for the part of Professor Serebryakov.

23.09.2013 The new stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater became laureate of the Architecton Contest

The new stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater commissioned in May 2013 and located at 49 A Fontanka Embankment was acknowledged as the best implemented project of the year. The Jury of the St. Petersburg Architecton Contest came to this conclusion.

It awarded a Grand-Prix to the Zemtsov, Kondiain, and Partners Bureau in the Construction nomination. The architects proposed to place the main hall in a historical red-brick building of the former shops of the Imperial Theater, while they attached the lobby and educational facilities to the building.

17.09.2013 Mart Kitayevs Theater World Exhibit

On September 18, 2013, opening of a new exhibit Mart Kitayevs Theater World will take place at the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Musical Arts (#6 Ostrovskogo Sq.) at 4 pm. The exhibit is dedicated to the creative heritage of an outstanding theater artist and the oldest Russian state designer. The items presented at the exhibit one can see sketches, models, furniture, theater costumes and photos of the Pushkin Drama Theaters performances of the 1970s 1980sm when Kitayev was the Art Director of the theater. Presently, the museum collection of the Alexandrinsky Theater keeps a solid amount of costumes and stage properties created after Kitayevs sketches. Some of them were presented at the Mart Kitayev at the Alexandrinsky Theater exhibit in the Fourth Circle of the theater open in November 2012 - April 2013. For the present exhibit, the Alexandrinsky Theater provided models for several performances: Love and Concord by V. Tendryakov (Director A.O. Sagalchik, 1974); Chichikovs Adventures or the Dead Souls after N. Gogol (Director N.M. Sheiko, 1974); From Lopatins Notes by K. Simonov (Director A.O. Sagalchik, 1975); The Non-Weeping Willow by M. Alekseyev (Director I.S. Olshwanger, 1977); Untilovsk by L. Leonov (Director N.M. Sheiko, 1978); also the theater gave an armchair from The Thirteenth Chairman by A. Abdullin (Director F.G. Grigoryan, 1980), and 5 costumes from the Chichikovs Adventures or the Dead Souls performance (Manilovas dress; costumes of Manilovs children; Nozdrevs dressing gown and one of Chichikovs tail coats).

09.09.2013 Creative Jubilee of Actor Vladislav Ryndin

On September 9, 2013, actor of the Alexandrinsky Theater Vladislav V. Ryndin will celebrate his creative jubilee: 30 years on the Alexandrinsky stage. A student of the legendary actress of the Alexandrinsky Theater Elizabeth I. Tim, Vladislav V. Ryndin graduated from the Leningrad Theater Institute in 1965. He worked at the Leningrad Leninsky Komsomol Theater (1965-1969); the Gomel Regional Drama Theater (1969-1971); the Yerevan Russian Stanislavsky Theater (1971-1979), the Ivanovo Regional Drama Theater (1979-1982). In 1982-83, he was Artistic Director of the theater studio at the Krupskaya House of Culture and taught and the Institute of Culture at the Chair of Staging and managed a student theater there. Vladislav Ryndin came to the Alexandrinsky Theater in 1983, already an experienced master with many roles of modern and classical repertoire in his background.

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