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08.12.2006 Conferment of Honorary title to Alexander Chepurov

Prof.Alexander CHEPUROV, director of the Creative Research Department of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, doctor of art history was conferred the honorary title of Merited Art Worker of Russia by the edict of the Russian Federation President V.V.Putin, On giving the State Awards for the merits in the field of culture and art, and fruitful career (the edict of the Russian Federation President # 1332 dated December 1, 2006).

In 1979 Alexander Chepurov successfully graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography named after N.K. Cherkasov, Department of Art History. Since 1984 he teaches in the St.Petersburg Theatre Art Academy, lecturing the courses of native theatre history, drama history, music theatre history and leading the workshops on theatre history and thereatrical criticism. Being an expert in history of Russian theatre, he always opts for a creative approach for his lectures, realizing the objectives of different theatrical specializations and understanding the needs and directions of the modern theatre processes. From 1985 to 1989, being the Institute dean for the work with foreign students, and from 1989 to 2004 the dean of the Department of Theatre History (the St.Petersburg Theatre Art Academy), Alexander Chepurov worked a lot for the improvement of educational system for theatre historians and theatre reviewers, trying to closely connect theory and practice of theatre art. It was him who has worked out and implemented the educational projects for specialists in children and music theatre, for television editors and scriptwriters, for teachers of world art culture. As a scientist and theatre researcher A.Chepurov has published some books - about the contemporary drama and I.M.Dvoretsky career and his students (Playwright and His Work, 1989), about the history of scenic understanding of Chekhov` works (The seagull of Alexandrinsky, 2002), about the issues of modern understanding od classics. (Alexandrinsky Inspector-General by Valery Fokin). He has also written over 200 scientific papers. The important part of A.Chepurov`s activities is his editing work and it is owing to his efforts that there are such serial publications as Alexandrinsky Theatre library and Worldwide Theatre History.

Since 1992 A.Chepurov colaborates with the oldest State Theatre of Russia, the Alexandrinsky Theatre. A.Chepurov had initiated a lot of creative events of the Theatre and the Academy, which undoubtedly had a great response both in Russia nad abroad. For instance, conferences and creative programs devoted to: A.P.Sumarokov creative life (anniversary festivities in 1992 and the performance A Merited Word to Sumarokov), to A.P.Chekhov (International conference and the festival Seagull flight in 1996), a conference and the performance Comic Opera of Ekaterina the Great dedicated to Ekaterinas 220-year anniversary, different creative events and festivals devoted to M.Lermontov`s career (drama Mascara), to A. Ostrovsky (Festival-laboratory for the young on the Ostrovsky Square), and then to N.Gogol, F.Dostoevsky, A.Pushkin, Y.Yuriev, L.Vivien, V.Meyerhold, M.Savina.

In 1999 he became one of the managers of the festival Contemporary German Drama in the Alexandrinsky Theatre, and in 2004 A.Chepurov organized and guided the International Forum Director in the Theatre World for the thearists and experts from 56 countries of the world. A.Chepurov is also one of the authors of the creative program New life of tradition which is devoted to the 250-year anniversary. He is also working on the ways of perspective development of the main national stage of Russia. Thank to his creative intentions and managing skills there exist an exposition of Museum of Russian Drama in the Alexandrinsky Theatre. In October 2006 A.Chepurov defended his doctoral dissertation, titled The Alexandrinsky Theatre and A.P.Chekhov at the edge of 19th and 20th centuries

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