One part of the Fairy Tale’s Birthday performance belongs to the action, i.e. quest genre, which is very popular now, and the other one – to the multimedia reading genre combining academic acting, classic Russian folk tales, the best pieces of Russian and world culture, as well as multimedia technologies.

Special design pieces of background animation have been created for some of the fairy tales. The art concept and animation style are based on images from works by classic Russian painters and graphic artists dated the early 20th century (Lev Bakst, Ivan Bilibin, Alexander Golovin, Mikhail Vrubel, Konstantin Korovin, Boris Kustodiev, Nikolai Roerich, etc.).

Children and their parents come to the theatre, where the birthday of the Fairy tale is about to take place. Together with fairy tale helpers, they set out on a search for the Fairy tale, and visit various fantasy kingdoms. Children create a fantastic auditorium in the new theatre themselves. There they meet, at last, the Fairy tale and the Taleteller and help real magic to occur. It is a journey into the world of theatre and fairy tales for the whole family. Arm yourself with Tsarevich Ivan’s courage, Emelya’s optimism and Kolobok’s craftiness - on their way, the young spectators will surely meet flying fish, disappearing princesses, fantastic dwarves, and even a cosmonaut. Be prepared to see a living coat telling you the tale.

The performance is recommended for children aged 5 – 9
Please note that one ticket allows only one child accompanied by one adult to attend the performance.

The first night took place on the 31st October 2015

New Stage