The tragic story of Prince Hamlet possesses a unique quality of being appropriate in various historic periods, thereby expressing the quintessence of people’s social and very private emotions. The play, created by Shakespeare more than four centuries ago, has gathered in theatres worldwide a range of interpretations and dramatic adaptations adjusting and placing it in the context of every given epoch. All the transformations, the variability of the text, different interpretative approaches to the translations of Shakespeare’s original narrative and alterations and elaborations of separate motifs of the classic plot serve to accentuate the eternal universal message of this work.

The new scenic version of Hamlet’s story, composed by director Valery Fokin, uses both poetic and prosaic translations of Shakespeare’s tragedy.

This particular dramatic adaptation, showcasing modern day accents of perception of the story’s conflicts, was created by dramatist Vadim Levanov. The whole play revolves around poignant inner emotions of a person doomed to live in a hypocritically mendacious atmosphere where criminal ambitious aggressiveness lurks behind a glossy façade of life. Hamlet’s tragedy is the tragedy of a person who attempts to put up a fight against lies and crime yet is swallowed up by vulgarity, pettiness and betrayal.

Premiered on April 16, 2010

Main Stage