Distant future, the year AD 4015, Earth calendar. As a result of a reincarnation experiment, three sisters – Masha, Irina and Olga, deceased in 1900, find a new life in the new world.

They have the classic Anton Chekhov’s play The Three Sisters uploaded into their newly reincarnated brains.

Different kinds of sound, noise and consonance, snatches of phrases they used to utter long ago give the three sisters visions of the past, while simultaneously enabling them to start a new life. Yet their half-forgotten words are filled with the same old hopes and yearnings, and it makes no difference whether the destination of the 41st century heroines is the far away space station called Moscow or the actual ancient capital of the Russian Empire. Is there no way to bypass the programme and to change your destiny?

It is the aim of the experiment to answer this question.

Actors are givers, who ignite a sparkle and keep the fire going in hopes for a better living. They tell the world how to live a better life. The first ever actor was Prometheus, who had challenged the Gods and stolen the light from their feast. He took it for humanity and gave it to us. You are chosen and marked, you are special, you are oracles and preachers. You are not made from plastic, you have red living blood coursing through your veins, which gives you the firsthand instincts of life. How can I remind you that you are kind and generous, or that your hearts start racing and hurting at the smallest instant of ugliness and injustice? You are the guardians of people’s inner beauty, you are the prophets. You have ideal principles stored and hidden inside you and your desires are strong. You are in the middle of the fight for good and evil, between the purity and the dirt. Much, very much today depends entirely on you.

Andriy Zholdak. A letter to the actors of the Turku theatre. May 2012

The performance premiered on February 4, 2016

Main Stage