‘Sunline’ is produced by novice and prospective director from Moscow Zhenya Berkovich at the Alexandrinsky Theatre’s New Stage. The production is based on Ivan Vyrypaev’s play of the same name.
‘Sunline’, completed in 2015, was first red to public the same year at Lubimovka festival of new drama and later staged in Poland. InDecember, 2017, in Meyerhold Theatre Centre came Russian premiere. Victor Ryzhakov, who is one of the greatest admirers of Vyrypaev’s plays among Russian theatre directors, produced that ‘Sunline’ as well. 

The plot spins around a dialogue between Barbara and Verner, who are married for seven years already. 

The author himself describes a play as ‘a comedy, which demonstrates the way of achieving a positive result’. 

Ivan Vyrypaev: ‘My purpose was to show the mechanics of misunderstanding, to demonstrate the obstacles against contact. The play counts five or six, from ordinary inability to listen, from interrupting one another to extraordinary cause, like different mindsets: ‘I’ve tried to apologise!’ – ‘What? Is that what you think you were doing?’ Hence, the play is a therapy of some sort. Suppose there are two spectators, who happen to be a couple: they are given a chance to visualize and work over their conflict factors’.

Critics on the play: 

“Ivan Vyrypaev wrote a perfect comedy. An archetypical family conflict was expanded to an absurd at its most. A man and a woman quarrel all night through, forgetting the cause, which is buried under the heap of mutual reproaches and offences. We are hardly certain in what ‘positive result’ they intended to achieve. No details of their everyday routine as well, unless the fact that they soon have to pay loan back.
In fact, Vyrypaev’s is a virtuoso of wording, distant from any naturalism or excessive expression. This artificial, depersonalized language is an evidence of multilayer communicational problems dominating society as a whole, not just this or that family.These problems occur in various forms: from infinite ‘holy wars’ on the web to international military clashes.”
Marina Shimandina, ‘Teatr’ magazine blog 

“As for the effect of presence, ‘Sunline’ is an antithesis to simple and charged ‘Kislorod’ (‘Oxygen’), a groundbreaking production that changed the course of new Russian theatre history forever. It was like a manifesto, straightforward and up to date, which captivated the zeitgeist – the call for sincerity and nihilism, absent in productions that time. In sophisticated constructions of Vyrypaev’s plays, written in 2010s, sincerity is put at a hidden distance, still possessing the therapeutic potential: suffering the plot out, spectator gets a real experience of healing with words. ”
Kristina Matvienko,


Music from Nocturne №1 by John Field (1782-1837) is used in the performance

Premiered on April 4, 2018

A co-production with ‘Art for people’ Production Company


New Stage