SWAN LAKE (St. Petersburg Tchaikovsky Ballet Theatre)

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SWAN LAKE (St. Petersburg Tchaikovsky Ballet Theatre)

Saint-Petersburg Tchaikovsky Ballet Theater presents "Swan Lake" ballet performance, the most loved and mesmerizing of classical ballets. "Swan Lake" is an eternal love story that involves magic, tragedy, and romance. It represents Prince Siegfried and a magnificent swan princess named Odette. Under a magic spell of the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart, Odette spends her days as a swan and her nights in a glorious human form. The couple soon falls in love. As in most fairy tales, they incounter the difficulties on the way to their love. The sorcerer has more tricks to play. Odile, his daughter, unexpectedly appears onstage. Confusion, forgiveness and a happy ending for Siegfried and Odette accomplish the ballet.

Reading the summary of the four acts will fill you in on the rest of the story. It is interesting to know that a single prima ballerina plays both Odette and Odile. The contrast of two opposite roles performed by a ballerina enhances the feelings.

Act I
Scene 1
A splendid park with a fairy-tale castle in the background. Prince Siegfried celebrates his twenty-first birthday. His young friends congratulate him. The jester entertains those present. Servants report the appearance of the Princess Regent, Siegfried's mother. She gives the son a crossbow and reminds: the time has come and he should choose a bride at the ball to be held for that purpose tomorrow. It's getting dark. The guests depart, leaving the Prince alone with his thoughts. A flock of swans flying overhead catches the prince’s attention. He heads out alone into the night.
Scene 2
The lakeside. The prince encounters a magnificent flock of swans. Stepping ashore, they turn into beautiful young maidens, and Siegfried lowers the crossbow, startled by their beauty. The queen of swans Odette, the most beautiful young woman he has ever seen, reveals to him that they have been placed under a spell by the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart. This spell can be broken only if a man promises his love and remains faithful to that oath. Siegfried declares his eternal devotion. А dawn begins to break. Swans gently float across its surface. Odette bids him a tender farewell.

Act II
Scene 3
The ballroom at the castle. Guests assemble for the great ball in which Prince Siegfried is to find his bride. Prince Siegfried is presented with many prospective princesses.  Although the ladies are worthy of his attention, Siegfried’s thoughts remain with Odette. Trumpets announce the arrival of new guests. They are Von Rothbart, transformed into a noble knight and his daughter Odile. Siegfried is confused: this maiden is similar to Odette! The prince is captivated by her beauty and declares his love for Odile and his desire to marry her. Von Rothbart triumphs: Siegfried broke his oath, which means there is no love, no devotion, and nothing can withstand his authority. Siegfried now sees the vision of swan lake and realizes his mistake. He flees the palace in search of his beloved. 

Scene 4
Night. The lakeside. With Siegfried’s broken vow, Odette’s hopes for love and freedom have vanished. Distraught, the prince enters and explains to his beloved that he also was betrayed by the evil sorcerer. He begs Odette’s forgiveness and explains that he could never love another. Odette understands and forgives him. The black swans conjured by the evil sorcerer attempt to sever the lovers. A fight quickly ensues. The power of evil has come to an end, and the rays of sunlight grant life, love, happiness...

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