A family show, or, to be more exact, one aimed for ‘grown up children and little grown ups’. Director Veronika Shakhova defines the genre of the performance as a ‘non-fairy tale’ and uses different techniques – from role playing and clownery to verbatim and psychological theatre. Special attention is given to props – scenic designer Vera Sokolova (student of Dmitry Krymov) appears as a rightful co-author of the performance.

The show is based on Tellegen’s short story ‘How the Cricket Got Well’, which describes the cricket’s first encounter with a gloomy mood and how he got free of it again.

Grown up viewers can afford to play with the characters and use their imagination, while little spectators will learn of sadness and what to do with it when it comes over you.

The show premiered on March 28, 2015

Main Stage