This performance based on The Endgame play by Samuel Beckett, a classic author of the 20th century, is directed by the world-famous director Theodoros Terzopoulos, the founder and the head of Attis Theatre (Athens).

“During our rehearsals we tried to combine the rich Russian theatrical traditions with the traditions of Classical Greek Tragedy, which can be revealed in the works of Beckett.

Beckett’s world is full of underwater reefs and hidden questions, which always remain unanswered – questions about mankind, life, and death. Nevertheless, this world is open for creative search and interpretation, which resulted in the creation of The Endgame performance”, Theodoros Terzopoulos notes.

The contemporary scenic text was written by the Greek artist in accordance with Ancient Greek traditions. The Endgame is the second performance directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos at Alexandrinsky Theatre. In 2006 he directed the Oedipus Rex performance based on Sophocles’ tragedy. In Beckett’s works Terzopoulos discovers a link to the traditions of ancient tragedy; he calls the playwright a successor of Aeschylus.

“There’s always a philosophical dimension in the plays I choose. There’s also the idea of overcoming the everyday routine and superiority over it. Those are the natural features of a tragedy. The main characters of ancient plays aim at exceeding their own limits (that’s why the actors wore cothurni and masks). They get in touch with God himself as a force that is greater that they are.

Such contacts should not be understood at an earthly, routine level – there’s no submission in it. On the contrary, characters sometimes interfere with the Supreme Forces. Beckett’s situations are similar, though there are no Supreme Forces in them. Nevertheless, the scale of his plays is large, they are based on great ideas”, Theodoros Terzopoulos told in an interview to Izvestia, when he started working on the Endgame.

The first night took place on the 21st March 2014

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