The Alexandrinsky Theatre presents a show for children aged 7 to 12 and their parents. The performance is based on the original idea of two young actors Alexander Artemov and Dmitry Yushkov that young viewers should be involved in a serious conversation about theatrical art. The idea is then implemented with the help of gameplay.

One of the principal characters of the play is an ancient multitier theatre. At each performance, the 1832 Carlo Rossi stage, protected now by UNESCO, opens for only 30 viewers, and the famous interiors unexpectedly reveal new aspects of their beauty in new fantastic angles. In only 60 minutes, children and their parents literally make their way step by step through the many centuries of the stage-and-audience relationship, touching upon Alexandrinsky Theatre history, which is told as a myth. On their way, they meet the Comic and the Tragic actors and are taken on a journey through the tiers of the former Emperor’s Stage, where they meet the ghosts that have haunted the theatre for 3 centuries and learn how important the role of the spectator really is.

The Ghosts of the Theatre text is written in the original rhythmic melodious prose style, familiar to the viewers by the Nevsky Prospekt performance, which is now the trademark style of the authors.

The show premiered on December 28, 2013

Main Stage