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Valery Fokin, who is rightly considered one of the best contemporary authorities on Nikolay Gogol’s works, turns to The Inspector General for the third time. This Alexandrinsky Theatre project, however, is special. This is the stage where Gogol’s comedy first premiered on April 19, 1836, with Nikolay Gogol himself taking an active part in the staging of his play.

This is also the tenth version of The Inspector General on the Alexandrinsky Theatre Stage. Therefore, three archetypes come into power. Firstly, the images of the historical premiere of long ago, secondly, the reminiscences of Vsevolod Meyerhold’s genius performance staged in Meyerhold State Theatre in 1926, and, of course, the reflections of the city of Saint Petersburg itself – not only the Gogol version, but the city of today, whose majestic beauty and sarcastic grimaces we are led to discover. The absurd born out of the ordinary – this is where those who think that vice shall rule the world unpunished will finally be trapped. In this respect, Nikolay Gogol’s genius comedy may be considered as a state-related play.

Premiered on October, 5 2002

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