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Saint-Petersburg, i.e. Petrograd, is the main character of the performance. Director Anton Okoneshnikov, Scenic Designer Elena Zhukova, and Video Designer Maria Varakhalina have created the stage solution and visual environment for the performance. The audience find themselves amidst the happenings, and the situation develops around them.

Sound Designers Daniil Koronkevich and Daniil Grigoriev are responsible for the performance’s musical score woven from the city’s real sounds and its breath. Anton Okoneshnikov is currently doing his master’s degree at the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, majoring in Performance Design. His tutors are M.M. Gatsalova and V.V. Fokina. Okoneshnikov is a usual participant of theatre laboratories and dramaturgical readings held by the Theatre’s New Stage and other Saint-Petersburg and Russian theatrical institutions. His Puski Byatye performance is based on linguistic fairy tales by Lyudmila Petrushevskaya and was created as a stage experiment resulting from the cooperation of the New Stage and Russian State Institute of Performing Arts and has received a special Experiment award from the judges of the XIII Harlequin All-Russian Festival of Children Theatre Arts Festival and a certificate of the Russian Theatre Critic Association in the category “Successful Creative Search in Total Children Theatre”.

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