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Xenia. The Story of Love - performance by Valery Fokin continues Alexandrinsky Theatre’s Saint-Petersburg cycle of performances based on literary images, facts and legends of the world’s most malicious city.

The earthly story of Saint Xenia has inspired the Theatre to create a performance in which a different period of the history of our city would interlace facing the need for spiritual truth and redemption.

Fokin interprets Saint-Petersburg scenes in the context of the search for spiritual transformation of a person struggling against the delusions of unhappy life, fears, and agony falling to the lot of people suppressed by triumphant and aggressive soullessness. According to the author, the only way to build a “soul city” is to perform a feat of inner self transformation, freeing from the temptations of our earthly life through love and the endless desire to pray clean the souls of beloved sinners with love.

The play by the contemporary playwright Vadim Levanov refers to the story of a real woman who lived in Saint-Petersburg in the middle of the XVIII century, Xenia Grigorievna Petrova. Her husband died suddenly, without penance. Xenia decided to save his immortal soul by performing a feat of self-denial – she started wearing his clothes and continued his earthly path disguised as him. The audience will meet many people Saint Xenia met during her lifetime. Among them are known and humble, long-dead and living, longing for enlightenment and stuck in sins.

The director’s harsh and ungentle view of the story which has become one of Saint-Petersburg’s legends brings the main character as close to the audience as it is possible. It shows her as a woman full of contradictions tearing the soul apart.

The first night took place on the 27th February 2009

Main Stage