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Valery Fokin’s performance, dedicated to the life of legendary Saint Blessed Xenia of Saint Petersburg, the patron of the ‘world’s most malicious city’, has become one of the most notable productions within both city’s theatrical environment and in director’s career since its premiere on February 27, 2009. Fokin has long been excited by various Saint Petersburg phenomena. It is in this very performance where he redefines them in the context of common man’s spiritual transformation − a result of the latter’s struggle against delusions of bad luck, against fears and suffers. 

The play by Vadim Levanov, the contemporary playwright classic, refers to the story of an actual person, who lived in Saint Petersburg in the middle of the eighteenth century − to Xenia Grigorievna Petrova. Her husband suddenly died without absolution. Xenia considered to hallow his immortal soul through the act of self-renunciation: she put on his dress and continued his earthly path. The audience will sight numerous people Saint Xenia met during her lifetime, who experienced her presence in centuries of Saint Petersburg’s miserable history to come. 

The new production of the legendary performance brings together masters (Nikolai Marton, Sergei Parshin, Galina Karelina) and young Alexandrinsky Theatre actors (Anna Blinova, Nikolai Belin, Timur Akshentsev). From the first performance, ‘Blessed Xenia. The Story of Love’ arouses sympathy of an audience for Saint’s act of spirit, granting us with a chance to make a few step towards self-comprehension. The kaleidoscope of ages, attires, talks and behaviors follow one another on the stage. Various historic periods of mankind intertwine in a never-ending strive for spiritual truth. According to the author, the only way to achieve it is to perform an act of inner self transformation, through love alone! 

  Premiered on September 29, 2018

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