The International Alexandrinsky Theatre Festival was founded in 2006, the year of the 250th anniversary of the Alexandrinsky Theatre.
The Festival is taking place annually. Its goal is to present the arts of various world countries’ state national Theatres developing classic stage traditions and focused on the quest of modern means of theatrical expressiveness. Preservation of traditions and striving to speak with public in the contemporary stage language are the vital tasks for any national Theatre culture.
Demonstrations of national Theatres’ performances facilitate expansion of aesthetic perspectives of modern audiences; they allow to format and develop a system of artistic coordinates, allowing to perceive and comprehend our national art not in isolation but in the context of traditions and innovations of various Theatre cultures.
The Alexandrinsky Festival consistently and systematically presents in St. Petersburg leading directions of national Theatre arts of world countries. In the recent years, performances of non-state-owned Theatre companies take a noticeable place on the festival billboard; these are the companies which cause significant impact on formation of the cultural landscape of their countries and the world stage.
The festival program is composed of performances after classics’ works, contemporary drama, and performances of both coryphaeus of modern stage direction and young directors.