The fund

The Alexandrinsky Charity Fund was created in June 2014. It was created by three famous Saint Petersburg enterprises, long-time friends of the Alexandrinsky Theatre: JSC Zvezda, Peterburgskaya Nedvizhimost and FIRMA CCM-2.

The fund was created to help and support the development of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, which takes a unique place in our country’s culture. The fund was created to unite all those who had given the theatre financial support with its new projects, and to invite new friends to take part in new projects, contributing to the restoration of Russian theatre traditions and the theatre culture as a whole.

Management of the Fund

President – I.S. Parshin, Honoured Artist of Russia, Russian Federation state Prize Awardee.

Executive director – M.A. Musienko

Trustees Council

The Trustees Council is led by the Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theatre V. Fokin. The council includes the representatives of

Saint Petersburg Government
State Russian Museum
North western bank of Sberbank of Russia
Pride LLC
Piter Group LLC

At the trustees’ general meeting on May 17, 2015, it was decided to add to the number of the trustee’s council.


The Alexandrinsky Charity Fund took part in nearly every recent project of the theatre.

In 2006, the Alexandrinsky Culture Centre was organised, which included the Russian Drama Museum and the Alexandrinsky Art Salon. The Russian drama museum is the first and the largest Russian exposition opened in an active theatre. There are eight exhibition halls with the total area of more than 400 square metres, with theme-related expositions displaying the unique collections of theatre costumes, furniture, props, actors’ and actress’s portraits, sketches of stage decorations, posters, playbills, and theatre-related paraphernalia of the 18th-20th centuries. The fund keeps on purchasing rare books, portraits and personal belongings of outstanding actors and directors.

The fund collaborates with a great number of tourist companies of Saint Petersburg and organises tours of the museum and the theatre. In the theatre’s carriage gallery you can also find the Alexandrinsky Art Salon where you can buy various kinds of souvenirs with the theatre‘s symbols, works of applied arts and theatre-themed paintings on china and cloth. There’s also theatre-themed literature for every taste: from albums and theatre-related fiction to highly specialised professional literature. In 2007, the Trustees’ Council created The Society of Alexandrinsky Theatre friends. In March 2007, supported by the Fund, the Alexandrinsky Theatre with took part in the PRO-Theatre-2007 exhibition, which included a series of seminars on theatre promotion, Internet theatre advertisement advantages, online booking of tickets and work with viewers via the Internet, relations between the theatre and the media and the possibility of including theatre shows into off-programmes of European festivals. The Fund also takes an active part in the Alexandrinsky Theatre Young Viewer Promotion Programme, which includes regular meetings with well-known directors, Saint Petersburg young student artists, inter-college seminars and conferences and young viewer oriented performances.


Tel/Fax +7 (812) 570-01-08

The Alexandrinsky Charity Fund office is located in the theatre’s administration building at
# 2, Ostrovsky Square, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 191023
Online address: (Fund section)
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Telephone/Fax (812) 570-01-08


Alexandrinsky Charity Fund for Theatre Support and Development
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