Federal State Cultural Institution `A.S.Pushkin (Alexandrinsky) Russian State Academic Drama Theatre`Federal State Cultural Institution `A.S.Pushkin (Alexandrinsky) Russian State Academic Drama Theatre`Federal State Cultural Institution `A.S.Pushkin (Alexandrinsky) Russian State Academic Drama Theatre`


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Artistic director of theatre is Valery Fokin Artistic director of theatre is Valery Fokin

09.04.2014 The New Stage Master Shop

The New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater is presenting a creative program The New Stage Master Shop which is directed for the support of talented young professionals in the theater sphere and confirms the status of the New Stage as of an institute focused on the quest and experiment in the sphere of theater arts. Not only the New Stage Master Shop will provide young directors, dramatists, stage designers, and actors with possibilities for fulfillment of their most ambitious ideas and intentions, but it also will give them an opportunity for creative and professional dialogue with the leading theater experts. Up to the end of 2014, each of the creative laboratories which will be taking place under the frames of the New Stage Master Shop will include a theoretical module, composed of lectures and master classes led by Russian and foreign directors, stage designers, dramatists, theater historians, modern art theorists, and a practical component, after which laboratory participants will present sketches of their future performances.

07.04.2014 First night of A Sunstroke

On April 10, 11 and 12, 2014, the first night of Irina Keruchenkos  A Sunstroke after Ivan Bunins story with the same name will take place. A Sunstroke is the second production of the director on the Alexandrinsky Stage. In 2012, with the background of several productions in Moscow theaters, Irina Keruchenko directed A Dream of a Funny Man after Fyodor Dostoyevskys fiction story in St. Petersburg. In her new production, Irina Keruchenko, following Bunin, who had believed that love is the essence of human happiness and a short instance of the apical vitality manifestations burning away a human being, goes on in exploration of the philosophy of this feeling.

01.04.2014 Igor Volkov became a Peoples Artist of Russia

On March 31, 2014, one of the leading actors of the Alexandrinsky Theater Distinguished Artist of Russia Igor Volkov obtained the title of Peoples Artist of Russia. Igor Volkov was invited to the Alexandrinsky Theater in 1992 and had played here more than fifty roles of various characters in the modern and classic repertoire. Igor Volkovs stage manner is inherent with intellectuality, bright theatricality, elegance of the form, love to psychological paradoxes, and ethical appraisal of the character. His stage characters, absolutely different, are united with one feature: their absolute, nearly confessionary sincerity.

01.04.2014 Jubilee of Distinguished Artist of Russia Yelena Nemzer

On April 1, 2014. Distinguished Artist of Russia Yelena Nemzer will celebrate her jubilee. She first appeared at the Alexandrinsky Theater as a guest star in Flowers for Charley by D. Keyes (Director I. Sakayev, 2007). Already in December 2008, she was admitted to the company. She debuted on the major stage in Ksenia. The History of Love by V. Levanov (Director Valery Fokin, 2009). The actresss repertoire also includes the role of Lidia Astafieva, the heroine of Alexander Vampilovs play The House with Windows in the Field.

31.03.2014 Vassily Merkuriev at the Pushkin Theater Exhibit dedicated to the actors 110th birthday anniversary

On April 6, 2014, the Vassily Merkuriev at the Pushkin Theater exhibit will open at the Russian Drama Museum of the Alexandrinsky Theater; the opening is timed with the 110th anniversary of the great actors birthday. Vassily V. Merkuriev (1904-1978) belongs to the brilliant constellation of stars of the 20th century national theater and cinema. Cinematograph brought the actor the all-nation glory and love. Such movies as the Celestial Slow Walker (1945), Glinka (1946), Cinderella (1947), The True Friends (1954), The Twelfth Night (1955), Flying Cranes (1957), Seryozha (1960) became the classics of the soviet cinema to a big extent thanks to Vassily Merkurievs participation in them.

24.03.2014 "Alexander Golovin. Fantasies of the Silver Century. To the 150th Birthday Anniversary exhibit at the Tretyakov Gallery

On March 27, 2014, "Alexander Golovin. Fantasies of the Silver Century. To the 150th Birthday Anniversary exhibit will open at the Tretyakov Gallery (#10 Krymsky Val); it will present about 300 show items from 23 museums and private collections from Russia and neighboring countries. The central place in the exposition is occupied by 19 costumes from the Alexandrinsky Theaters museum collection created for Vs. E. Meyerholds Maquerade (1917) after A.Y. Golovins sketches. Along with the enigmatic Lady with the Round Mask and the sinister figure of the Unknown, for the first time in many years, Moscow public will get a chance to see characters from the second episode of the performance: the del arte comedy masks (Harlequin, Smeraldine, Polichnelo, Ciarlatano, Jester), characters of A Thousand Nights and a Night ancient legends and fairy tales (Magician, Domino, the Black Lady, Tircelin, Circassian, the Cashmere Lady), characters of popular ballets and operas (Dolores, Maria, Gitana, Lolotta, Simonetta, Vivandiere).

24.03.2014 The ZERO Liturgy in Budapest

On March 26, 2014, the Madach International Theatre Meeting (MITEM) in Budapest will start with the Alexandrinsky Theaters performance The ZERO Liturgy (Director Valery Fokin). The festival was organized by the National Theater of Hungary and was named after the great Hungarian poet, philosopher, and dramatist Imre Madach. The Madach Meeting is a part of the famous Budapest Spring Festival of Arts. The major goal of MITEM is to provide a site for international creative experience exchanges; along with the principal program, the schedule includes famous theater figures lectures, film showings, and discussions. Several theaters will take part in the Festival: the Big Tovstonogov Drama Theater, the MKhAT Studio School, the Tatar Kamal Theater, the national theaters of Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Serbia, Romania, and Turkey. The Festival will last till April 7.

24.03.2014 The Alexandrinsky Theater provided exhibits for In the Murmur of Wing Flats exposition

On March 21, 2014, the In the Murmur of Wing Flats exposition was opened at the M.Y. Lermontov Library; it was timed with the poets 200th birthday anniversary. The Alexandrinsky Theater provided unique exhibits: two head dresses, parts of the mourning costumes from the 10th episode of Meyerholds Masquerade (1917); and masks, fans, and property vases from B.A. Lavrenevs Lermontov (Director B.M. Dmokhovsky, 1953). The theater also provided two costumes recreated after A.Y. Golovins sketches under the frames of the Alexandrinsky Theater and the Theater Arts Academys joint project on Reconstruction of costumes for the Masquerade performance. The costume of masquerade characters, Monta and Chinese, had been made by graduates of the Theater Arts Academy, artists/ costume technicians, Nadezhda Shekhurdina (2009) and Maria Golovina (2011).

21.03.2014 The First Night of the Neurointegrum media performance

On 25 and 26, 2014, the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater will present the premiere: the Neurointegrum media performance, an experimental project presenting a so far rare on the national stage direction of the science art which uses and conceptualizes achievements of modern technologies. This performance has been created under direction of the prominent St. Petersburg media artist Yury Didevich; it explores one of the key subjects of culture: interaction between human beings and machines. The super plot of the Neurointegrum performance is an attempt to tune a cultural dialogue between them; this is the first theater project implemented on the base of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theaters Media Center. The New Stage timed with the premiere a series of general access lectures and video showings: a video show Evolution of the Haut Couture. Arts and Sciences in the Era of Post-Biology from the curator of the SCCA Baltic Branch Dmitry Bulatov on March 23 (7:30 p.m.); Dmitry Bulatovs lecture on the Science Art: at the Crossroads of Arts, Sciences, and Technologies on March 25 (6 p.m.); Darya Parkhomenkos lecture From Science Arts to Neuroarts: New Strategies for Conjugating Arts and Sciences on March 26 (6 p.m.).

20.03.2014 The First Night of the Endgame performance

On March 21, 22 and 23, 2014, the world-famous Greek Director and founder of the Athens Attis Theater Theodoros Terzopoulos  will present his performance after the 20th century classic and one of the founders of the absurd theater Samuel Becketts play  Endgame on the historical stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater. The modern stage texts of the Greek master always have their roots in the ancient Greek traditions. The Endgame is the second Theodoros Terzopouloss production at the Alexandrinsky Theater: in 2006, he had directed his Oedipus Rex after Sophocles. The Director traces traditions of the ancient Greek tragedy in Becketts writings; he calls the dramatist an Aeschylus heir.

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